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【 kaleid✦scopic 】

computer problems

Er. This isn't really an announcement but I couldn't think of a better tag. xD

Sorry guys! :C My laptop's keyboard has completely stopped working and it seems to have a few other problems, so I won't be able to make icons for a while until it's fixed. I planned on making some colored manga icons and another special batch of icons by Valentine's Day, but it looks like I might not be able to post them on time, if ever. I might be able to get Photoshop on another computer, but I won't have my tons of scans and images to icon. To all of our watchers, I'm sorry but I might have to go on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. I know shmeckpepper was planning on making more icons the last time we talked, so you guys will still be getting icons while I'm gone!

In case anyone is confused or you were too lazy to read all of that: no I'm not leaving the community and no it isn't shutting down. I'm just having technical difficulties.

wish me luck
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